Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival


The Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival was created to promote the artistry of independent horror/thriller cinema and also raise funds for children and families which are supported through “Scares That Care,” a 501(c)(3) charity organization.

Questions about the Festival may be emailed to Festival Director Mike Lombardo, via e-mail, at

Film Festival Schedule

Friday, 6:00pm to 11:00pm
Saturday, 11:00am to 11:00pm

All Submissions Are FREE!

Submissions made will be pre-screened, selected and notification made by the festival to the submitter.

  • There is no guarantee of selection for each of the submissions.
  • Films selected will be chosen randomly for day, then placed in order for equivalents of General Audience to Restricted for that days screening.
  • Requests for specific day and/or times will NOT be considered.
  • Final Schedule will be published to the Scares That Care Weekend website around July 1, 2o18
  • Submissions may be screened more than once during the Festival.

Submission Types:

  • SCARES THAT CARE Based Commercials
    • Submissions are FREE
    • Runtime of 60 seconds or less
  • Short Films
    • FREE Submission Fee Per Film
    • Total Runtime of 50 minutes or less
  • Feature Length Films
    • FREE Submission Fee Per Film
    • Total Runtime of 50 minutes or longer



All submissions must include a completed and signed copy of the Festival Submission Form (CLICK HERE), then please mail to:

Scares That Care!

ATTN: Film Festival

PO Box 210

Hampstead, MD 21074

All submissions must be of the horror and/or thriller genre and include the applicable entry fee, based on category.

  • SCARES THAT CARE Based Commercials (Runtime of 60 seconds or less)
  • Short Films (Total Runtime of 50 minutes or less)
  • Feature Length Films (Total Runtime of 50 minutes or longer)

Individuals may submit multiple entries, but must be submitted, packaged and shipped individually. Address for shipment may be found at the end of this document.

Submitted films are considered the final versions of those films by the Festival, so please do not try and resubmit a new cut/version as these requests will be denied.

Submissions must be provided an on NTSC formatted DVD\Blu Ray, as a digital file (Quicktime M4P preferred) either by download or physical media.

  • VIMEO, YouTube and other online provided links cannot be screened at the film festival!
    • NOTE: SCREENER COPIES may be provided this way, but final screener for festival MUST BE SUBMITTED AS STATED ABOVE!
  • Testing of all media should be completed by the submitter prior to submission.
  • Faulty or unusable media will disqualify that film for the festival if a suitable replacement cannot be obtained in a timely manner.
  • Submissions must be English language or English subtitled.
    • Non-English films must be English subtitled.
  • Submitter must include the title of the submission and name of all contacts on all media, materials and containers.

The Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival will not be responsible for loss or damage while in transit or possession of the Festival.

Media and press materials will not be returned under any circumstances and are destroyed after the festival is over.

To guarantee acknowledgement of entry receipt, include a self-address, stamped postcard for and with each submission.

Submissions which are ineligible for consideration:

  • U.S. distribution obtained prior to being selected for the festival
  • Been produced, financed or initiated by a major film studio or television network
  • Previously screened on a U.S. network or cable system
  • Distributed theatrically prior to festival dates
  • Terms, Conditions and Certification

August 3-5, 2018

DoubleTree by Hilton Williamsburg, VA


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