Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are you and what do you do?

“Scares That Care!” Inc., is an IRS approved, 501(c)(3) charity. Founded in 2006, “Scares That Care!” to date has raised and donated over $120,000 to organizations that treat sick children and families with a child affected by illness, burns or women fighting breast cancer. “Scares That Care!” is also proud of the fact that we are an all volunteer organization, with no salaries or paychecks issued to any staff member involved with the charity. If you’d like more information, please visit our home website

2) So why a horror event?

The Scares That Care Charity Weekend was originally a horror event designed to delight horror fans while benefiting those in need. Now, because of the increasing attendance from fan bases outside of horror, we are starting to transition to a genre event and will continue to morph as feedback points in the direction to continue positive growth.

“Scares That Care!” is an IRS approved, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, designed to bring together the fans of “all things spooky.” Whether it’s haunted houses, paranormal, horror films, or anything else in the “vein” of the horror genre, “Scares That Care!” brings together those individuals in order to give back to the families that need it most…and in turn, become “Good Ambassadors of Horror.”

The difference between our event and the other, fantastic shows that are out there, is simple. All of our proceeds will go to the families that need our assistance. We pride ourselves in being an organization that has no salaries, and no paychecks. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, and we want to represent the Horror community in the best light possible.

3) How much is the hotel room rate?

Once the room block is setup for the charity weekend, the standard room rate is reduced for the show. Again, you have to wait until we have the block set up, to book your room! See Hotel & Ticket Information for additional info.

4) Can you please get ____________ as a celebrity guest?

While we will try to get as many celebrities as we can, we cannot promise that we will go after one specific celebrity. Many of the celebrities do few – if any – such events, or the price would be to great for the charity. Remember, this has to be a show about the families we are trying to help, first. We will do our best to create a varied and diverse guest list to the best of our budget and abilities!

5) I am only interested in meeting one celebrity you have attending, can you guarantee I will get to meet that person?

We will try to make it possible for as many people to meet all the guests that they want. However, some guests will be more popular than others. We ask that you come to the event to help us in our mission to fight real monsters and enjoy the event as a whole, not just for one single celebrity.

6) How much do celebrities charge for autographs?

Fees vary by guest and are set by the celebrity or their representation. Many guests supply a photo or other memorabilia that they’ll autograph for you or charge a fee to sign an item that you bring with you. Authors as a general rule will sign a book that you purchase from them at no additional charge.

7) Will celebrities be signing autographs during the entire event?

Guests are scheduled to sign for the entire weekend during celebrity room hours posted on the site. If a celebrity has a time restriction on their appearance, details will be posted on the celebrity page.

8) Can I take pictures of with the celebrities?

Yes, but please ask first each guest sets their own photo policy. Most guests will be happy to pose for a photo when you visit their table for autographs or to chat.

9) What if the one celebrity I want to meet cancels? Can I get a refund on my ticket?

We ask that you come to the event to help us in our mission to fight real monsters and enjoy the event as a whole, not just for one single celebrity. We do not announce any guest that we have not confirmed for the show. There are circumstances that may make it impossible for a guest to make it to the event. In the event of an extreme circumstance causing a guest to cancel, we will make every effort to get another comparable guest. We will not refund a ticket based on a cancellation outside of our control.

10) Where can I keep up with the latest details and changes for the event?
Join us on our Charity Event Facebook group HERE or learn more about our charity at or Scares That Care! Facebook Page.

11) What kind of vendors will be there?

THE BEST KIND…but seriously, there will be vendors selling all kinds of horror & Halloween related items. As we get closer to the event, a list of vendors will be posted on our site. Want to see your favorite vendor at Scares That Care Charity Weekend? Be sure to tell them about our charity event.

12) Can you get me an autograph from a celebrity that is appearing and send it to me? I can’t make it and really want their autograph.

Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing that it would take to handle these sorts of special requests.

13) Can I volunteer to work the event?

Scares That Care! has a base of supporters made up of State Representatives across the US. Our event staff will be built using these supporters. If we need additional volunteers we will set up a sign up option for other positions.

14) If I purchase a ticket to your event – Is that tax deductible?

Legal regulations state that donors may only claim a charitable contribution as an income tax deduction when there is nothing of value received in return. When there is some kind of thank you gift or event, the tax deductible amount is that which is left after taking into consideration the value of the gift or event.

First we must determine what the IRS calls the “fair market value” of the event itself. There are several methods for calculating this. One of the most frequently used is comparison.

Consider what would the cost would be for a similar event if it were not a fundraiser. For example, if a person were to purchase a similar ticket at a convention of similar status, what would be an average price that they would pay? For example, a semi-formal dinner may have a fair market value of $20 on a $50 ticket. In this case the tax deductible portion is $30.

By using this comparison method, we are in essence taking into consideration the expenses of the event, but also putting those expenses in perspective.

The keyword to remember when deciding on the fair market value is “reasonable.” Here’s how it works; Would it be reasonable to expect a meal that included a salad, vegetable, steak, and gourmet dessert to cost $5 if purchased at a restaurant? Probably not.

But an organization that was holding such a meal could could get a menu or price list from a restaurant in their area that would provide a similar dining experience and decide on the fair market amount by using this comparison. This is what we have done by comparing our ticket prices to other shows.

The key point is that we as an organization are making a fair judgment in an ethical manner and not trying to over inflate the tax deductible amount for our tickets. We have decided that our group has based our ticket prices within a spirit of honesty and common sense.

In simplest terms – your ticket purchase probably will not qualify as a tax deduction, as our ticket prices are similar in comparison to other shows. We could inflate our ticket prices to give folks a tax deduction, but we feel it prudent to just be honest and up front. As always, please check with your accountant or tax person.

14) What is the weapons policy?

Our event has a strict NO LIVE Weapons policy. Our full weapons policy, including weapons for sale, as part of a costume and items that may be for celebrity autographs can be found here



August 2-4, 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton Williamsburg, VA